Our association the Szeged Literary Café-house (Feb. 1984-May 1991 - 22O evening in the Royal Hotel (later and nowadays as the "Civil Coffee-house" is open for the public 3 times a week (Monday, Wednesday, Friday).
The scenes of the programmes:
Hotel Royal - 220 evenings - Febr. 1984-May 1991
JATE Club - 18 evenings - June 1991-Oct. 1991
Restaurant Hagi - 129 - Oct. 1991-Oct. 1994
Since Oct. 1994 -mainly in Café Virág , Hotel Royal and the Gallery of Modern Art.
In 1997 there were 160 evening; this year we have had 34 evenings. The organizes of the evenings has been dr. Ildikó Szondi.
The 500 jubilee evening (12 June, 1996) was celebrated with a festive programmme and a recepciton in the Café Virág and an exhibition in the aula of JATE.
Our periodical has had 4 issues.
The initial almost purely literary evenings have widened into evenings on theatre music and art, also politics-economics and history, town-planning development book-reviev (introducing both the book and the author) and other topics.
The main aspect of the evenings is that the topic and the participants should be connected with Szeged.
The public is informed about the programmes in monthly information booklets and in the local paper "DM". The documentation of the evenings is more than 10.000 pp. and 450 photos. The evenings home been lately covered by the local Radio and TV.